Lais Carvalho

Student, Tech events organiser

About Me

Hi, I’m a 3rd year IT student at CCT College Dublin that fell in love with Python after struggling with Wolfram for 2 years trying to understand advanced calculus. I used to design water dams for the least-privileged communities in Brazil, prior of my move to Ireland. With 6 years of experience with customer service, I am currently training as a Remote Conference Operator with projects throughout the tech community, such as Pyjamas and EuroPython.


GUI-based web scraping application

Group project that aims to build a GUI-based application to allow regular users to scrape web content regardless of their programming knowledge.

This application aims to make web scraping very easy for non-tech savvy users. Using Scrapy, Python and MongoDB, the user specifies the content to be fetched, and the application crawls the webpages (based on the XPath) to find the information required and outputs it to a MongoDB database.

Chatbot with NLP sentiment analysis that 'listens' to people's problems

ICare is a chatbot that helps people overcome loneliness. A Facebook messaging platform that uses a sentiment-analysis model to be a good ‘listener’ and offer support on those harsh moments in life or when your friends are too busy.

The chatbot originally used Facebook Messenger’s built-in NLP to extract entities from people’s ‘emotive messages’ and classify them as either sad or happy. This was not suitable for our model so we decided to use Flask to build an application that will use a modelling tool for sentiment discovery and emotion classification to analyse the user’s input sentences and suggest an emotion such as anger, fear, joy, etc. that would output an appropriate response to the user and act as a ‘friend’.

Java app connecting to a MySQL database using DAO and (creational) Design Patterns

Java application that connects to a relational database using the Data Access Pattern and 2 other creational patterns.

This Java-based application connects to a MySQL database using the best practices on Design Patterns. The app should output all records from a given database, retrieve records by name, by code(unique ID) and add new records into the database. A CLI client program is also implemented to test the application.



Remote Conference Operator

February 2020 - Present

Planning, organising and outsourcing the necessary tools to bring conferences/events into the virtual format.

I am currently responsible for the virtual version of Python Ireland monthly MeetUps, Pyjamas - a 24h World-Wide online conference booked for December 2020 and a weekly Python news Twitch channel called Mid Meet Py in collaboration with CheukTing Ho.

Daily usual server’s duties where teamwork and time-management were essential.

This position also allowed me to contribute with social media content for the company, publishing mainly on Google Contribute and Instagram® Stories.

Ely Wine Bar


February 2020 - Present


Virtual assistant

January 2017 - April 2017

I worked through this period as a virtual assistant, offering support to graduates and postgraduates with their final thesis.

I had the opportunity to work with a UCD Masters graduate and offer help with Microsoft Office packages and some GIS features, as well as thesis formatting. Moreover, I had the chance to assist another postgraduate student with SPSS for data assessment of human-derived cancer samples for drug-resistance at the cancer genetics department at RCSI. Both projects allowed me to work on my technical writing skills, customer service abilities and grasp on Data Science knowledge.

Dept. Env. Eng. Trinity College Dublin, Dr Christopher Shiell

Responsible for the collection and graphical representation of data obtained by temperature and humidity loggers located in historic buildings throughout Ireland. The data analysis utilised Microsoft Office and SPSS Statistics. The building’s floor plans were designed using AutoCAD software.

Trinity College Dublin

Research assistant

October 2016 - January 2017

Trinity College Dublin


May 2016 - September 2016

Dept. Civil Engineering Trinity College Dublin, Dr Ahmed Alawis

In control of conducting experiments to characterise the physical properties of a variety of recycled aggregate samples, along with their compliance with current aggregates used in construction. Graphical representation of these physical properties and the completion of a thesis on the work were carried out.


CCT College Dublin, Ireland

BSc Information Technology

2019 - 2021

Enrolled as an advanced-entry student, this course gave me a solid grasp of Java and its best practices as well as a robust network security foundation.

During my time at CCT, I had the chance to collaborate with the students and faculty towards a more participant class experience. The group project module, present on 3rd year, also allowed me to work on soft skills such as teamwork and time-management0. I thoroughly enjoy my time in college and continue to learn a lot from it.

Studied in this institution for 2 years, before moving to CCT.

The most significant modules I studied here were Networking using Packet Tracer and WireShark, and Operating Systems covering the basics of Linux, Windows and shell scripting.

Dorset College Dublin, Ireland

BSc Computer & Multimedia

2017 - 2019

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

BSc General Engineering

2015 - 2016

Admitted to the institution on a Visitant Student Scholarship for one year.

The year studying in TCD allowed me to use MatLab to simulate thermodynamics problems as well as plot graphs to analyse mathematical equations. This opportunity also allowed me to engage on a self-driving buggy project using an Arduino board and sensors such as XBee and Ultrasonic to direct it. The mini-car had its circuit- board manufactured from scratch, and it was configured using C# programming language.

On my free time, I was also a member of The Phil and The Hist debating societies as well as the Dublin University Photography Association (DUPA).

A Little More About Me

Alongside my curiosity about networking and AI, some of my other interests include:

  • Aerial Silks
  • Yoga
  • Mindful meditation and
  • Wine!